Monday, January 23, 2012

What Zodiac sign is most likely to want to live in the past?

Like they usually are people who want to go back to a particular decade or something that either they have never experienced and would really like to, or they experienced it and have dwelled on it ever since.What Zodiac sign is most likely to want to live in the past?
water signs will dwell on the past experiences, that made them feel a certain way.

Especially cancer!

cancers have some extreme tie to their past and memories of childhood.

they're probably the most nostalgic of the zodiac.

but i know i get like that alot also. where i miss the way things used to be between my friends and i,

or a past love.. or where i used to live, that made me feel so safe.. i only have in my mind pictures of..

i tend to miss a lot of feelings i had, when i was in a familiar environment.

i think all of this depends on your moon sign also.
Cancers. Mostly because of their ruler ship over the 4th House (Imum Coeli). It's associations, among other things, are with the past, ancestral roots, blood lines, patriotism, history, and the latter part of life. Cancers dream of bygone days and feel a connection to the past due their nostalgic nature and focus with "the emotional things that happened in the past, make you who you are today." That is their filter. The Moon also grants them this influence because it rules memories.What Zodiac sign is most likely to want to live in the past?
I've noticed that Pisces people tend to be nostalgic about past events. Sometimes Libra people as well. Some of the people of both of these signs tend to say, "Remember when blah blah happened with such and such?" Or something of that nature.
moon in taurus or cancer.

i have taurus moon and i want to exactly do that. i love it. i love the past more than anything else. i especially like cleopatra's past, or royalty... i love the past more than anything else.What Zodiac sign is most likely to want to live in the past?
To King of the Zodiac... Sure that isn't Leos? :P

Most people I know would prefer to live in a different decade.. regardless of their sign.

Me, i'd make the perfect Tudor or Victorian Lady :)

but not live in the past necessarily to where they don't move forward; they use it to propel forward.
Aries never really grow up. That's why they're called the children of the zodiac.
the water signs. specially scorpio. they tend to obsess over their past.
i've always wanted to do both. i would think maybe pisces thought?
In their own past: A Taurus.

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